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ROKR is an establishment that offers a broad variety of Construction & Building services to its clients.

Here at ROKR, We ensure that all projects are executed and completed with the utmost care and a high level of professionalism ensuring that the quality remains unquestionable. Our Philosophy, Vision and Mission is to deploy the best team of Professional Project Managers & Field Personnel capable of meeting and surpassing the Construction quality demands baring in mind the Cost Effectiveness on the Client. ROKR's aim is to provide the highest quality turnkey construction and building services to the satisfaction of our clients, working according to schedule and yet sustaining profitability.

ROKR is committed to the delivery of quality products and services in full compliance with its contractual requirements. We work towards achieving excellent growth in all aspects of the business. ROKR is highly dedicated to the building and maintaining of a robust, enduring business for the benefit of societies of the province or area in which it operates contributing positively to the development of the economy and society through the creation of wealth by providing employment opportunities for both the skilled and unskilled which are from these local areas.

ROKR has successfully completed construction/building projects which include Composite housing units, Sectional title flats, Group and sectional title schemes, Commercial and industrial buildings, Mosques, churches and other buildings of a specialized nature. Some of the companies and organizations that we have provided construction/building services to include various corporate companies such as: Autonocon,Rawson, The Seven Eleven Group, Model Homenet, Pam Golding, Ultracon, Rabie & Rabie, Transnet, Telkom, BP, COCT (City of Cape Town) Municipality, SCIPS, Department Of Public Works as well as various Private Developers.

The projects which we have provided construction/building services for includes: Educational Institutions, Factories and Warehouses, Shopping Centres, Office Complexes, Houses and Apartments, Sport Facilities, Integrated Housing Developments.

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ROKR construction and building services

View our various building and construction services in detail using the the links provided below. See some of the great work our ROKR team has put together over the last couple of years. Also feel free to get a quotation for any of our services listed below.

ROKR offers a broad variety of construction and building services to its clients. Our Project Managers are always available on site to monitor every operation going on. Our construction and building services include the following:

  • Aluminium,
  • Carpentry,
  • Electrical Work,
  • Painting Services,
  • Paving Services,
  • Plumbing Services,
  • Roofing Services,
  • Steelwork,
  • Tiling,
  • Waterproofing,
  • Brickwork/Masonry Work.

Our Brickwork/Masonry work is a major department and unit. Our team of masons have the skills to get your project done correctly.

  • Foundation construction,
  • Demolition Services,
  • Concrete slab construction,
  • Rib & Block decking systems,
  • Formwork construction,
  • Pre-cast concrete applications,
  • reinforced concrete work,
  • Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs) utilization and
  • CMU brick & blocks are the services available.

ROKR has adopted the international ISO 9001 standard Quality Systems - A model for quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing as it is standard for quality assurance. ROKR is committed to the delivery of quality products and services!

ROKR building & construction services in detail