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Do you need a quotation or just need a simple question answered? Get in touch with the team at ROKR now using the details provided below.

As a member of BBCON it is ROKR's duty and obligation to uphold and preserve the quality and servicing standards that BBCON represents. We do our utmost best to ensure that all of our clients needs and requirements are seen to as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible.


Please take not that with regards to sending quotations to clients we have very strict policies that we follow. If you would like to view our quotation policies, simply click HERE.

If you would like to speak to a representative regarding ROKR or it's services please feel free to call the below individuals on the numbers listed:

Zayne Isaacs: 079 113 8316
Angela Hudson:  060 656 1980
M.H. Isaacs: 072 297 1367
14 Carmichael Road,
Fish Hoek,
Cape Town,
Western Province,
South Africa.

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